Ann Arbor Detroit Contact Improvisation

The nexus for Contact Improv dance in the Ann Arbor – Detroit, Michigan area!  Everyone is invited to dance with us, regardless of dance experience or physical ability.

…a social dance that arises out of modern dance traditions. One of its central principles is a rolling point of contact between two (sometimes less, sometimes more) people through which both dancers give and share weight. It is somewhere between tango, modern dance, aikido, wrestling, gymnastics, and none of the above, and usually takes place without music. People dance contact in any combination of genders, there are no steps, and it’s entirely improvised. CI teaches you to read your partner’s movements and understand your own body. The dance form is hard to define, in part because it’s intentionally undefined and in part because it continues to evolve and change.

“Contact Improvisation is a unique dance that blends the play of the body with the physics of the universe and the wonderful dynamic of physical ‘conversation’ with others.” Pam Johnson, Toronto

We currently have weekly jams every Sunday and we sometimes host classes and regional workshops, too.

See Weekly Jams for other details, and, if it’s your first time, please check out some of our Resources.

Our Detroit venue is wheelchair accessible.  If you know of an affordable, wheelchair-accessible venue in Ann Arbor please let us know!